About Us

About Us

Elysee Playgrounds has more than 40 years of experience in getting children to play together in safe surroundings.Thanks to our decades of know how and experience,we can easily find a suitable product for your area.

Extremely Well Considered - Quality

The use of first quality materials combined with a superior manufacturing process puts our products in the first league all over the world. Therefore our playgrounds last and even look good for more than just a couple of decades.Top quality raw materials are used during our production process.

With more than 40 years of experience, we plan and manufacture environmentally friendly play systems that enable children to play in a safe environment for our customers and representatives all over the world.

We aim to be the leading company in the sector by taking into account the needs and expectations of our customers during the planning and production stages, keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, and determining the standards of the playgrounds of the future.

In accordance with this purpose;

  • To carry out our activities in accordance with the legislation, ethical principles, national and international standards,
  • To continuously improve and develop ourselves in the planning and production phase.
  • Perfecting our work, implementing creative and innovative practices that will serve customer expectations at the highest level,
  • To provide high level, effective and continuous protection in order to prevent accidents and to minimize the damage of possible accidents to people and the environment,
  • To prevent work accidents and occupational diseases and to continuously improve our work safety performance,
  • To prevent the negative environmental effects that occur during our activities,
  • To prioritize the sustainability dimension in our work, to contribute to the environment, society and human health,
  • We are committed to implement and continuously improve the requirements of quality standards with the participation of all our employees by raising the awareness of our employees.

Let the kids play !

Let the kids play !!! Time passes too quickly,let them have their fun whilst this period..Our kids will grow up by the blink of an eye.Lets let them play as much as they can before they grow up !!!

Safety in All Aspects

Safe playing has the absolute first priority in Elysee. Our products have been designed to comply with all the present safety-regulations for playground equipment.We design and produce according to the newest safety standards.

You Decide, We Provide

We can combine and compound the single playground elements in almost every feasible way. With our modular playground system we will find solutions that work for you.